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Wheat Heat Packs

Wheat Heat Packs

Wheat Heat Packs are perfect for pain relief. Also known as ouch pouches they can be heated in your microwave for one minute for microwave under 800 watts.

Please be careful these wheat heat packs can get hot and are not to be used as bed warmers. Apply to areas of your body to relieve pain such as menstrual pain, growing pains, stomach pains, neck pains, bruises and or swelling. 

It can also be stored wrapped in your freezer as a cold wheat pack to apply to bruise or swelling whenever needed.

Let me take the stress of gift wrapping from you and let me wrap your gift for you. For a small extra amount I wrap wheat packs in clear cellophane and tie with either a gold or silver ribbon. I also add a gift tag created using my scan n cut machine so the recipient of the gift can use the gift tag as a photo holder to put in their wallet to keep their loved ones close to them. 

Due to International Shipping Regulations, my wheat packs cannot be shipped outside of Australia due to containing wheat.

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