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Eco-Friendly Warrior Collection

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Yes it is possible to be eco-friendly. Even if you are time poor. Beeswax wraps are biodegradable and easy to clean - cold water like you rinse your plates off type of clean. No hot soapy water cleaning needed. They're also a better option than cling wrap. Cling wrap doesn't biodegrade. Also I've discovered the reusable products that I'm buying and making are saving me money because I'm not spending more money because I've run out of cling wrap. I source my beeswax locally from beekeepers. I also use jojoba oil in my recipe which softens the wraps. Dammar Gum Resin is the resin I prefer to use in my recipe to give a bit more stickiness to my beeswax wraps. The beeswax wraps are molded around your item with the gentle pressure of your hands. Do not use to cover hot food, dairy or meat. Great for using as lunch wraps. The beeswax wraps I have listed range from small for crackers and nuts to middle size for sandwich wraps. Larger sizes will be available in the near future in a three pack of small medium large  If you are wanting reuseable items and they are not listed here please contact us and we will source them for you.   



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